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Dhevvadhoo Dynasty

We left behind the quiet island of Dhevvadhoo on Saturday, and with it the last we’ll see of the Gaafu Alif group for a while…unless we left a charger or […]

Roadha Kuru Kurun

Maldivians have a phrase that covers any activity designed to stave off the boredom and hunger that comes during daylight fasting – roadha kuru kurun (shorten the fast). Today, our […]

Villingili Number One

Having started the year in Villimale’ and visited Shangri La resort before now (well, one of us has), this was our third Villingili. There’s two more in the neighbourhood, both […]

Koodoo See-Food

Today we were able to go over to the Koodoo fish processing plant, lying between Villingili and Maamendhoo on the north-east shoulder of Huvadhu. We’d heard a lot about the […]

Island Office

Travelling around the islands was always going to be filled with interesting challenges. Finding stories and travelling between isolated islands can be tricky, but not, it turns out, as tricky […]

VIDEO: Prayer O’Clock

Here’s the short video to go with our ‘Prayer O’Clock‘ story from Gaafi Alif Nilandhoo. There are other sundials on other islands, but we’ve not seen one like this anywhere […]

Ferries & Rainbows

Woken by torrential rain before our alarms had the chance to get snoozed, it seemed unlikely our ferry to Maamendhoo would have left from its southern start point. But, with […]