Even Marco Polo had a day job, and we are able to offer a range of professional services to those who have enjoyed our work here. These include:

Images: High resolution copies of Naj’s images are available for purchase, and can also be found on her Flickr page.

Journalism: Maldives-related journalism and photojournalism projects on freelance basis, as well as research projects.

Photography: Personal and corporate photo shoots for events and publications, including aerial, underwater and lifestyle photography.

Press Releases:  Tailored communications to spread the word (and the pictures) in the highest quality to those who need it.

Company Profiles: The story of your company and its services for customers old and new.

Copy editing/Proof reading: Fast and efficient editing services for polished prose.

Website Content: Beautiful images and compelling text to make your site bright. 

In short, if you are in need words and/or pictures and want a reliable and experienced team, please contact us through Facebook, on +960 963 8379, or at