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We feel our site is unique in offering original pictures of the Maldives along with well-researched stories.

For anyone looking to do their own research into the country, we’re trying to compile a thorough list of English-language authors who’ve studied the atolls.

But, in addition to their work, there are many online reports and studies available for free. So, we thought we’d put as many as we could find here in the same place so you can search our database and learn more about the Maldives.

MMA Annual Report, 2016Maldives Monetary AuthorityEconomy2017
Maldives Climate Change Policy FrameworkMinistry of Environment and EnergyClimate Change, Environment, Development2017
Maldives Visitor Survey, 2017Ministry of TourismTourism, Economy2017
Maldives Health Profile, 2016Ministry of HealthHealth2016
Statistical Pocketbook of Maldives, 2016National Bureau of StatisticsSociety, Economy, Development2016
Low Emission Climate Resilient Development: Building Resilience from the Ground up in the MaldivesLECReD Programme, UNDPEnvironment, Development2016
Status of Coral Bleaching in the MaldivesMarine Research CentreEnvironment, Coral Reefs2016
Maldives Visitor Survey, 2016Ministry of TourismTourism, Economy2016
Maldives’ Population Dynamics: Policy Prospects for Human
Growth and Opportunity
John F. MayGovernance, Development2016
Second National Communication of Maldives to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate ChangeMinistry of Environment and EnergyEnvironment, Climate Change2016
State of the Environment, 2016Ministry of Environment and EnergyEnvironment2016
MMA Annual Report, 2015Maldives Monetary AuthorityEconomy2016
MMA Annual Report, 2014Maldives Monetary AuthorityEconomy2015
Doing Business 2015 - Going Beyond Efficiency
World BankEconomy, Business2015
Maldives Visitor Survey, 2015Ministry of TourismTourism, Economy2015
The Maldives - A Climate Change KaleidoscopeMinistry of Environment and EnergyEnvironment, Climate Change2015
Population and Housing Census: Statistical Release III - EducationNational Bureau of StatisticsPopulation, Society, Education2015
Island Morphology, Reef Resources and Development Paths in the MaldivesAlexander K. NaylorEnvironment, Development2015
Population and Housing Census: Statistical Release II - MigrationNational Bureau of StatisticsPopulation, Society2015
Clarence Maloney, his vision, his work and the ancient underlying
cultural influences in the Maldives
Xavier Romero-FriasHistory, Culture2015
Youth in the MaldivesWorld BankYouth, Employment, Health, Family2014
Population and Housing Census: Statistical Release I - Population and HouseholdsNational Bureau of StatisticsPopulation, Society2014
National Integrity System Assessment, 2014Transparency MaldivesDemocracy, Governance2014
MMA Annual Report, 2013Maldives Monetary AuthorityEconomy2014
the Maldives Health Profile, 2014
Ministry of Health and GenderHealth2014
Findings of the Report into the Disappearance of Maldivian Journalist Ahmed Rilwan AbdullaMaldivian Democracy NetworkSociety, Crime2014
Money and Elections in the Maldives - Perceptions and RealityInternational Foundation for Electoral SystemsDemocracy, Governance, 2014
Bridging the Divide - Maldives Human Development Report 2014
UNDP, Ministry of Finance and TreasurySociety, Development2014
Indian Ocean Crossroads: Human Genetic Origin and
Population Structure in the Maldives
Jeroen Pijpe, Alex de Voogt, Mannis van Oven, Peter Henneman, Kristiaan J. van der Gaag, Manfred Kayser, and Peter de KnijffHistory, Geneology2013
MMA Annual Report, 2012Maldives Monetary AuthorityEconomy2013
Democracy at the Crossroads - The Results of the 2013 Democracy Survey
Transparency MaldivesDemocracy, Society2013
Transparency Maldives - Annual Report 2013
Transparency MaldivesDemocracy, Society2013
National Drug Use Survey - Maldives, 2011/12
UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)Crime, Society, Health2013
Maldives Development Update
World BankEconomy, Development2013
Global Corruption Barometer Survey, 2013Transparency MaldivesSociety, Governance, Economy2013
Report of the Special Rapporteur on the Independence of Judges and LawyersGabriella KnaulLaw, Governance2013
A Legal Review of the Commission of National Inquiry Maldives
Anita Perera, Senany Dayaratne, Shibly AzizLaw, Governance2012
Fourth Tourism Masterplan, 2013-2017Ministry of TourismTourism, Economy2012
The Other Side of ParadiseAmnesty InternationalGovernance, Law, Crime, Democracy2012
Rapid Situation Assessment of Gangs in Male'Asian Development Bank, Maldives Institute for Psychological Services, Training and Research
Society, Crime2012
Report of the Commission of National InquiryCommission of National InquiryLaw, Governance2012
Maldives Health Statistics, 2012Ministry of HealthHealth2012
Prison Assessment and Proposed Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Offenders Report
UNDPPrisons, Law2011
Women in Public Life in the Maldives - Situational ReportUNDPGovernance, Gender2011
An Outline of the History of Maldivian WritingJost GippertDhivehi Language, History2011
Maldives National Health Account 2011 - Executive SummaryMinistry of HealthHealth2011
Sanskrit as a Medium of Maldivian Buddhism
Jost GippertDhivehi Language, History, Buddhism2011
Child Participation in the Maldives - An Assessment of Knowledge
Azra Naseem, UNICEFEducation, Youth2011
MMA Annual Report, 2010Maldives Monetary AuthorityEconomy2011
Millenium Development Goals - Maldives Country Report, 2010Department of National Planning, Ministry of Finance and TreasuryDevelopment, Society2010
MMA Annual Report, 2009Maldives Monetary AuthorityEconomy2010
Maldivian Card Games:
Rules, Language and History
Alex de VoogtHistory, Culture2009
Valuing Biodiversiity - The Economic Case for Biodiversity Conservation in the MaldivesLucy Emerton, Saima Baig, Marie Saleem; IUCNEnvironment2009
National Solid Waste Management Policy for the Republic of MaldivesMinistry of Environment, Energy and WaterWaste Management, Environment2008
Maldives Four Years After the TsunamiDepartment of National Planning, Ministry of Finance and TreasuryEnvironment, Tsunami, Society2008
Maldives Constitution (2008)
Special MajlisLaw, Society2008
Millenium Development Goals, Maldives Country Report, 2007Ministry of Planning and National DevelopmentSociety, Development2007
The Maldives Study on
Women’s Health and Life Experiences
Ministry of Gender and FamilySociety, Health2007
The Maldives Two Years After the Tsunami
Ministry of Planning and National Development Environment, Society, Tsunami2006
The Conservation of Eid Miskiiy, Male'National Council for Linguistic & Historical ResearchHistory2006
Assessment of Eidhigali Kulhi and Koattey Area, S.Hithadhoo,
Ministry of Environment, Energy, and WaterEnvironment2006
The Maldives One Year After the Tsunami
Ministry of Planning and National Development Environment, Society, Tsunami2005
Tsunami: Impact and RecoveryAsian Development Bank, World Bank, UNTsunami, Development, 2005
Maldivian Seafaring in the Pre-Portuguese PeriodNational Council for Linguistic & Historical Research; Naseema MohamedHistory2005
Maldives Post-Tsunami Environmental AssessmentUNEPEnvironment, Tsunami2005
English - Dhivehi DictionaryFareesha Abdulla & Michael O'SheaDhivehi Language2005
Tsunami Impact Assessment, 2005
Ministry of Planning and National Development, UNDP, UNFPATsunami, Environment, Development, Society2005
Gender-based Violence in the Maldives - What We Know So FarMinistry of Gender, Family, Development and Social SocietySociety, Crime2004
The Maldives Health Report, 2004
Ministry of HealthHealth2004
Tourist Opinion Survey ReportMinistry of TourismTourism, Economy2004
Vulnerability and Poverty Assessment, 2004UNDP, Ministry of Planning and National DevelopmemntEconomy, Society, Deevelopment2004
Names of MaldivesNational Council for Linguistic & Historical Research; Naseema MohamedHistory2004
Scripts of MaldivesNational Council for Linguistic & Historical ResearchDhivehi Language, History, Culture2004
Reproductive and Sexual Health of Adolescents in the Maldives
Simad Saeed, Ibrahim Naseem, Dheena Moosa, Ahmed Afaal
General Overview of the Dhivehi LanguageNational Council for Linguistic & Historical Research; Yumna MaumoonDhivehi Language, Culture2002
Pre-Islamic MaldivesNational Council for Linguistic & Historical Research; Naseema MohamedHistory2002
The Dhivehi Language - A Descriptive and Historical Grammar of Maldivian and its DialectsSonja FritzDhivehi Language, Culture, History2001
Tourism and the Environment Case Studies on Goa, India and the Maldives
Kalidas Sawkar, Ligia Noronha, Antonio Mascarenhas,
O.S. Chauhan, and Simad Saeed
Tourism, Environment1998
Vulnerability and Poverty Assessment, 1998UNDP, Ministry of Planning and National DevelopmemntEconomy1998
Southern Arabia and the Arabisation of the Central Indian Ocean ArchipelagoesA.D.W. ForbesHistory, Islam, 1981
The Maldives - An Introductory Economic Report
World BankEconomy, History1980
The Mosque in the Maldive Islands: A Preliminary Historical SurveyA.D.W. ForbesHistory, Islam1979
Rebellion of the Southern Atolls National Council for Linguistic & Historical Research; Naseema MohamedHistory, Culture
National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) Ministry of Environment, Energy and WaterEnvironment, Development, Climate Change2006