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Story: Ladies of Libaas

The libaas story is more or less obligatory for any website covering Maldivian culture, so here’s our offering (finally). Now we just need to do the lacquerwork story and maybe something about rihaakuru and we’ll be just about done here.

(Not really…there’s plenty more out there).

We found a few local libaas businesses in Huvadhu, and we’ve tried to squeeze as much as we could out of this subject, which normally gets only a short mention without much more (Dr Waheed’s blog post is the exception to this).

All fashions come back around eventually, but the libaas has more competition today than ever before.

As for today’s dress codes, we weren’t able to find out whether government officials and MPs are required to wear the faaskuri hedhun, or whether they’re just worried about looking like schoolgirls if they wear the older style.

Either way, skilled tailors are waiting for your order…

Here’s the story: