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Story: Against the Grain

Well, here is the post you’ve all been waiting for. Yep, that’s right, we’ve built up the nerve and finally taken on the controversial issue of millet!

It’s not everyday that we come across someone doing something we’ve not seen before on our journeys, so when the skies cleared yesterday and our friend Fauzy told us there was something we should go see…we went to see it.

All joking aside, we thought this worth a little story as the pictures came out so well. There’s always something so beautiful about working hands – skilled, tough, intelligent – that we find so inspiring.

We also recalled conversations with people who did not realise grain could be grown in the Maldives (millet is all we ever talk about to be honest), so we thought it worth a few more words.

Dan had the mandatory swing at it, but he lost more grain than he hit. Best left to the pros.

Also, we just couldn’t get that ‘thud, thud’ out of our heads which, all flowery prose aside, is one of the best sounds ever.

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