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2k Journal: Dan Talks Climate Change with BBC Radio

Dan woke up this morning to find a tweet from a BBC producer, asking if he would like to appear on Radio 5 Live to talk about climate change in the Maldives. He would…erm, he did. 

Former President Mohamed Nasheed is back in the headlines at the COP24 summit, this time in Katowice, nine years after making waves at the Copenhagen meeting during his presidency.

So, Dan spoke with Dotun Adebayo for the ‘Up All Night’ programme, catching all those unfortunate Brits who find themselves awake at 6am on the weekend.

Phone reception wasn’t great, and Dan’s accent is starting to sound a little odd, but it was still better than the time he spoke to the same programme a few years ago while still in bed.

Finding a quiet spot huddled next to a rainwater storage tank from our house in S. Hithadhoo, they chatted about…well, rainwater storage tanks, Nasheed’s comments, as well as our recent trip to Laamu.

(Dan saying “I don’t know if you can hear that” was after tapping on the side of a unhelpfully-full tank…saying “well” a lot had nothing to do with his proximity to the valhu). 

You can here the full conversation here; scroll to 3:52:06…the very last interview: