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2k Journal: End Overend

A friend this week told us that he’d just seen one of Dan’s stories on Himal Southasian, which seemed odd as the last story he wrote for them was almost two years ago, just before the publication was unfortunately forced […]

Dan’s Interview with MVHotels

We’re gonna be sharing some of our content with our friends at MVHotels as we travel and we thought we’d kick off the partnership with a full interview about the 2k Isles project. In a detailed interview with Izra Ahmed, Dan […]

Mihaaru Travelogue: Island Time

So, as part of our partnership with Mihaaru, Dan will be producing travelogue articles every Saturday, keeping people up to speed with the Two Thousand Isles trip and reflecting on five years of…well, reflecting on the Maldives as an outsider on […]

New Beginnings

The last couple of days have been exciting day for us, as we were finally able to launch our first video as well as the first of our exclusive articles on Both of which will hopefully demonstrate for a […]