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Mihaaru Travelogue: Life and Fish

This weekend’s Mihaaru column looked at what one islander has learned from some others as Dan reflects on six weeks in Huvadhu’s fishing communities. For while many today may prefer the comfort of a shirt & tie or the comparative […]

Mihaaru Travelogue: Seeing the Second City

This week’s travelogue journeys past the obvious differences between the Maldives’ two cities and onto the more subtle observations…such as tourism development and pelvis analogies (which would actually leave Gan in a very awkward position!!). As shown last week, initial […]

Mihaaru Travelogue: Island Time

So, as part of our partnership with Mihaaru, Dan will be producing travelogue articles every Saturday, keeping people up to speed with the Two Thousand Isles trip and reflecting on five years of…well, reflecting on the Maldives as an outsider on […]