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JOURNEY UPDATE: Backward to go Forward

Sometimes it’s necessary to take a step backwards in order to go forward; like when you take a wrong turn, or if you want to take running jump at something.

Our next move is kind of like the latter, heading back down from Fuvahmulah to Addu* in order to catch a cargo boat up to Huvadhu atoll.

While there are no official ferries running north between Fuvahmulah to Gaaf Alifu and Gaafu Dhaalu atolls, fishermen often have to travel there in order to get the bait which is unavailable nearer to home.

This was our plan when we arrived, but it doesn’t seem any Fuvahmulah fishermen are heading that way this week. So, plan B is to take a step back to Feydhoo before leaping up (an 11 hour leap) to Gaafu Alif Nilandhoo on the weekend.

Confused? Yeah, us too. Check the map (and wish us luck).

*One-way ticket – MVR290 per person (Southern Transport Link); around 1hr speed launch

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