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Ferries & Rainbows

Woken by torrential rain before our alarms had the chance to get snoozed, it seemed unlikely our ferry to Maamendhoo would have left from its southern start point. But, with the public ferry system, it’s very difficult to find out […]

JOURNEY UPDATE: Did we Dhaandhoo?

Yes we did!! After three damp days on Gaafu Alif Kanduhuludhoo (though the warm hospitality kept us mostly dry), the weather warnings for this morning weren’t good, and we showed up for the 5.30am atoll ferry doubtful we would travel. […]

Ticket to Ride

First (of many, we hope) ferry tickets purchased this morning, taking us to Fuvahmulah from Seenu Feydhoo. The map in the terminal kind of sums it up…I mean, the chances of missing Fuvahmulah. There’s a lot of blue out there. […]