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Journey Update: Hoandedh-day-trip

What with Gaafu Dhaalu Madaveli and Hoandedhdhoo being so close together, we thought we might tackle the next island via a day trip…or even two, with the Kaadedhdhoo staff boat regularly running between the islands. Another option was to pack […]

JOURNEY UPDATE: Hello Gaafu Dhaalu

We left Gaafu Alif Dhevvadhoo at 9am this morning, heading west into Gaafu Dhaalu. The captain didn’t make an announcement or anything, but we’re pretty sure we saw the ocean change colour slightly on the border. Soon we slid past […]

JOURNEY UPDATE: Dhevvadhoo Dead-Center

After the usual will-we-won’t-we on Kolamaafushi harbour early this morning, the ferry captain decided that yesterday’s wild winds had calmed and we would head to Dhevvadhoo. (…via Villingili, Koodoo, and Maamendhoo, but we’ve taken mercy on our little map…and if […]

JOURNEY UPDATE: Gaafu Alif Big Smoke

After a few weeks in the sticks, the call of the big city was irresistible, so we headed off this morning to catch a ferry from Maamendhoo to Villingili, the atoll capital. After waiting out a few last minute clouds, […]

JOURNEY UPDATE: Did we Dhaandhoo?

Yes we did!! After three damp days on Gaafu Alif Kanduhuludhoo (though the warm hospitality kept us mostly dry), the weather warnings for this morning weren’t good, and we showed up for the 5.30am atoll ferry doubtful we would travel. […]


We felt it was time to add a little more direction to our pleasant drift through Gaafu Alif atoll. So, we caught the 6am atoll ferry from Gemanafushi to Kondey, allowing a full eight hours to explore the least populated […]