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JOURNEY UPDATE: Magic to Maamendhoo

After spending a long weekend back in Gaafu Alif Nilandhoo, we managed to get back on course today, catching a private launch north with the atoll ferry service (expected yesterday) out of action til at least Thursday.

A mixture of bad weather and bad luck seemed to be scuppering the next stage of our journey. But, as weather warnings still swirl around much of the rest of the country, Huvadhu atoll was all blue skies and hot sun as we hopped off the harbour and into the launch.

Five minutes later we hopped back out as the boat’s squealing control panel insisted the engine was overheated. We were starting to empathise. Maybe we’ve heard one too many stories of fanditha on the islands, but we began to wonder if there was something more to the delay.

But, after another ten minutes, filled with many goodbyes and one swordfish, we were back on board and curving out around the island to skirt the outside of the atoll and safely into Maamendhoo’s harbour. Planning ahead a couple of steps, the first thing we learned about this island is that ferries from here leave for Villingili everyday.


1Addu City, Seenu AtollFebruary 1, 2017
2Fuvahmulah, Gnaviyani AtollApril 20, 2017
3Addu City, Seenu AtollMay 3, 2017
4Nilandhoo, Gaafu Alif AtollMay 7, 2017
5Gemanafushi, Gaafu Alif AtollMay 12, 2017
6Kondey, Gaafu Alif AtollMay 15, 2017
7Kanduhulhudhoo, Gaafu Alif AtollMay 15, 2017
8Dhaandhoo, Gaafu Alif atollMay 18, 2017
9Nilandhoo, Gaafu Alif AtollMay 19, 2017
10Maamendhoo, Gaafu Alif AtollMay 23, 2017
11Villingili, Gaafu Alif AtollMay 25, 2017
12Kolamaafushi, Gaafu AlifMay 28, 2017
13Dhevvadhoo, Gaafu Alif AtollJune 1, 2017
14Thinadhoo, Gaafu Dhaalu AtollJune 3, 2017
15Madaveli, Gaafu Dhaalu AtollJune 8, 2017
16Hoandedhdhoo, Gaafu Dhaalu AtollJune 10, 2017
17Madaveli, Gaafu Dhaalu AtollJune 10, 2017
18Nadallaa, Gaafu Dhaalu AtollJune 13, 2017
19Rathafandhoo, Gaafu Dhaalu AtollJune 15, 2017
20Fiyoari, Gaafu Dhaalu AtollJune 18, 2017
21Faresmaathodaa, Gaafu Dhaalu AtollJune 20, 2017
22Gadhdhoo, Gaafu Dhaalu AtollJune 24, 2017
23Vaadhoo, Gaafu Dhaalu AtollJune 27, 2017