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2k Journal: Moments in Maabaidhoo

Our time in Maabaidhoo earlier this week seemed to pass very quickly, just a few fleeting moments backed up with the notes on Dan’s phone and images on Naj’s SD card. Before they get lost with the rest, we’ve added […]

Story: Beys Spa

Now we got very excited when we stumbled upon this story while in Laamu Kalaidhoo. When we were told about the beys kulhi by almost everyone, we were expecting some sort of wetland area with a few medicinal plants dotted around. When […]

2k Journal: Dreaming of Dhanbidhoo

Some places in the Maldives just have that effect…you know, the kind of place you start to miss while you’re still there. Some places drift back into your mind as you’re dodging vehicular terrorists on the Addu link road, or […]