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2k Journal: Our 100th Story

Well, last week’s story about the kaalhu was actually our one hundredth. We started off sixteen months ago hoping just to add slightly more informative captions to Naj’s pics, and here we are. Since then we’ve uncovered some new stuff […]

VIDEO: Prayer O’Clock

Here’s the short video to go with our ‘Prayer O’Clock‘ story from Gaafi Alif Nilandhoo. There are other sundials on other islands, but we’ve not seen one like this anywhere else yet.

VIDEO: Making Kaashi Theyo

This is the video we made to go with our story, ‘Striking Oil‘, about the production of coconut oil in the Maldives. Thanks to Naj’s family for showing us how it’s done.

New Beginnings

The last couple of days have been exciting day for us, as we were finally able to launch our first video as well as the first of our exclusive articles on Both of which will hopefully demonstrate for a […]