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Story: Beyya Beys

Another story left over from our time in Gaafu Alif atoll. Meeting Thutthu Beyya in Gemanafushi was a real pleasure…especially when he sang for us (it seems Dan reminded him of a distant relative!). Great to hear the stories of […]

Thank You Fuvahmulah & Gaafu Alif

Six weeks after we left Addu, we’ve been to ten inhabited islands and maybe the same number of uninhabited. The longest time spent was on Fuvahmulah – two weeks – while the shortest was on Gaafu Alif Kondey, were we […]

Gems, Fish, and Gemanafushi

This post should have been written before yesterday’s Kondey update. But there was really a lot to digest in Gemanafushi, and typing it up quickly on a guitar-shaped table in Kondey’s only coffee shop (yeah, we forgot to mention that) […]


We felt it was time to add a little more direction to our pleasant drift through Gaafu Alif atoll. So, we caught the 6am atoll ferry from Gemanafushi to Kondey, allowing a full eight hours to explore the least populated […]