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Thank You Fuvahmulah & Gaafu Alif

Six weeks after we left Addu, we’ve been to ten inhabited islands and maybe the same number of uninhabited. The longest time spent was on Fuvahmulah – two weeks – while the shortest was on Gaafu Alif Kondey, were we […]

Villingili Number One

Having started the year in Villimale’ and visited Shangri La resort before now (well, one of us has), this was our third Villingili. There’s two more in the neighbourhood, both still awaiting inhabitation in Alif Dhaal and Lakshwadeep. This one […]

JOURNEY UPDATE: Gaafu Alif Big Smoke

After a few weeks in the sticks, the call of the big city was irresistible, so we headed off this morning to catch a ferry from Maamendhoo to Villingili, the atoll capital. After waiting out a few last minute clouds, […]