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Thank You Fuvahmulah & Gaafu Alif

Six weeks after we left Addu, we’ve been to ten inhabited islands and maybe the same number of uninhabited. The longest time spent was on Fuvahmulah – two weeks – while the shortest was on Gaafu Alif Kondey, were we […]

Gems, Fish, and Gemanafushi

This post should have been written before yesterday’s Kondey update. But there was really a lot to digest in Gemanafushi, and typing it up quickly on a guitar-shaped table in Kondey’s only coffee shop (yeah, we forgot to mention that) […]


We felt it was time to add a little more direction to our pleasant drift through Gaafu Alif atoll. So, we caught the 6am atoll ferry from Gemanafushi to Kondey, allowing a full eight hours to explore the least populated […]

Kondey Monday

Having spent the past three days in Gaafu Alif Gemanafushi, we planned to finish visiting the atoll’s south before completing our tour of the northern islands. So we said: “let’s go to Kandhuhol…Kandhululu…Kandaadha…sod it, let’s go to Kondey first!!” And […]