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Drawing Inspiration from Lahu

It’s been kind of a grey week all over the Maldives it seems, so we’re really grateful to Lahu for bringing us some colour with this brilliant illustration for the Two Thousand Isles page. Lahu’s graphic design work has already […]

Thank You Fuvahmulah & Gaafu Alif

Six weeks after we left Addu, we’ve been to ten inhabited islands and maybe the same number of uninhabited. The longest time spent was on Fuvahmulah – two weeks – while the shortest was on Gaafu Alif Kondey, were we […]

Non-Stop in Nilandhoo

Three more days in Nilandhoo have been pretty busy, which we’re not sure you normally get to say about an island of around 600 people. Work has been going on around the clock this week for the Children’s Day celebrations […]

Off to a Flyer

It’s our third day in Gaafu Alif Nilandhoo, so you’d have thought we’d be running out of things to learn from this tiny island. Not even close. When one friend in Male’ discovered we were in his home island, he […]

Back to Reality

  Two weeks ago, we finally set off on the first leg of our trip, reaching Fuvahmulah ready to hunt for stories and produce regular updates on the 2k Isles trip. We know the reality of life in the Maldives […]